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Feast of butterflies
24 April 2014

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The end or the beginning?
17 November 2013

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Unattainable ?
9 November 2013

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Wild vines
27 October 2013

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16 October 2013

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Late evening
9 October 2013

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Who needs posy ?
30 August 2012

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Long way home
22 January 2012

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Winter Forest 2

Steven on Winter Forest 2
A beautiful winterscape image you've captured here with the eye-catching textures in the evergreens created by the ...

franz on Winter Forest 2
Very appealing winter mood in this snowy landscape!

Martine Libouton on Winter Forest 2
Une belle photo d'hiver !

Willem on Winter Forest 2
Beautiful in b/w, a fine winter photo.

Marjolein on Winter Forest 2
Indeed real there more snow coming ?

Mhelene on Winter Forest 2
wow...impressiv and superb B&W !

Devi on Winter Forest 2
Yes Ronnie there is an eye visible too !!

Devi on Winter Forest 2
brilliant winter image !!!

Nicou on Winter Forest 2
Qule effet cette roche en fond quel dessin comme un personnage et ces sapins génial. amitié

Ronnie 2¢ on Winter Forest 2
I feel I am seeing an eagle up there !

Michael Skorulski on Winter Forest 2
This is a gorgeous winter image.

Darkelf Photography on Winter Forest
Beautiful textures. Lovely winter scene.

MEC on Winter Forest
So beautiful!

Steven on Winter Forest
Splendid tones and textures captured in this winterscape image!!

omid on Winter Forest
very nice shot! A M A Z I N G !

Devi on Winter Forest
this is a fantastic winter shot !!!!!

Existence Artistique on Winter Forest

Ronnie 2¢ on Winter Forest
They look to be the strong silent type !

Darkelf Photography on Another view
Gorgeous and lush winter scene.

Steve Rice on Another view
A lovely winter wonderland.

Steven on Another view
A beautiful winterscape with the snow-dusted evergreens and the bridge that emerges from them!!

Marjolein on Another view
It is very photogenic around and around the bridge

Existence Artistique on Another view

Gérard on Another view
This penumbra well rendered is superb

Nicou on Another view
Quel décor et vue quel pont et iamge superbe avec la belle neige amitié

Evelyne Dubos on Another view
Beautiful winter scene, well composed.

Darkelf Photography on Fabulous way home
Great perspective.

Steve Rice on Fabulous way home
A fine path has been cut through the snow.

mac on Fabulous way home
Que foto mas bonita

franz on Fabulous way home
A lovely track ...

Devi on Fabulous way home
Superb capture !!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Fabulous way home

Michael Skorulski on Fabulous way home
A wonderful hiking image.

Darkelf Photography on Other perspective
Love the textures created by the snow covered trees.

franz on Other perspective
Gorgeous winter scene. I like the snow on the trees. (Is this in Alta Badia/Abteital?)

Steve Rice on Other perspective
A beautiful long view of the bridge and trees. I enjoy the way the snow outlines the bridge beautifully.

Ana Lúcia on Other perspective
Immensely beautiful and superbly atmospheric.

Mhelene on Other perspective
Beautiful and a great atmosphere .

Existence Artistique on Other perspective

Michael Skorulski on Other perspective
A beautiful snow scape.

Darkelf Photography on Other side
Great mono winter composition.

Mireille T. on Other side
Beautiful capture! Black and white is perfect for snowy landscapes!

Ana Lúcia on Other side

Mhelene on Other side
Very beautiful composition.

Steve Rice on Other side
Beautiful from this side, too! The snow on the trees seems to be from a storybook.

Existence Artistique on Other side

Marjolein on Other side
The bridge is more dramatic in black and white !

franz on Other side
Wonderful winter scenery and a very handsome bridge!

Ronnie 2¢ on Other side
Fascinating how a snowfall silently transforms familiar forms.

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