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Feast of butterflies
24 April 2014

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The end or the beginning?
17 November 2013

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Unattainable ?
9 November 2013

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Wild vines
27 October 2013

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16 October 2013

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Late evening
9 October 2013

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Who needs posy ?
30 August 2012

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Long way home
22 January 2012

Recent Comments

Ana Lúcia on Street Musician
Nice light, color and smile. :)

Steve Rice on Street Musician
A fabulous capture of the musician!

Steven on Street Musician
Great capture of this musician and his charismatic smile!!

Existence Artistique on Street Musician

Mhelene on Street Musician
Very beautiful image !!

omid on Street Musician
:) such beautiful composition, colors & details! L O V E L Y !!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Street Musician
How I wish we could hear this !

Marjolein on Street Musician
What a lovely smile :-)

Denny Jump on Street Musician
This is wonderful, Tomek! ;-)

Steven on Defensive walls
Incredible view of what appears to be a very dense city with so many buildings!!

Steve Rice on Defensive walls
A commanding view of the city.

Existence Artistique on Defensive walls
belle vue

Devi on Defensive walls
Ah!! Formidable strength !!!!

Mhelene on Defensive walls
Beautful composition !

Martine Libouton on Defensive walls
J'aime beaucoup ta composition !

Darkelf Photography on In greenery
Interesting composition through the trees.

Steve Rice on In greenery
Beautiful view through the trees.

Steven on In greenery
A great view enveloped in verdant foliage!!

Mhelene on In greenery
Very beautiful composition .

Martine Libouton on In greenery
Une très belle prise !

Existence Artistique on In greenery
bien vu

Marjolein on In greenery
Lovely to see those 2 !

Mireille T. on In greenery
Lovely framing through the trees!

omid on In greenery
such beautiful composition & colors! Lovely!

Ronnie 2¢ on In greenery
. . all looks very inviting . .

Martine on In greenery
Très joli point de vue.

Darkelf Photography on Tree in the Courtyard
Fine composition.

omid on Tree in the Courtyard
such beautiful frame, colors & textures! Lovely!

Steve Rice on Tree in the Courtyard
A perfectly framed image. There is so much beauty and mystery in this image.

Mireille T. on Tree in the Courtyard
Beautiful framing, and the textures are fantastic!

Mhelene on Tree in the Courtyard
Splendid composition.

Existence Artistique on Tree in the Courtyard

Ronnie 2¢ on Tree in the Courtyard
That tree creates so much character . . I feel it calling me !

omid on Mime
such beautiful composition & colors! Amazing street shot.

Steve Rice on Mime
Cool street shot.

Existence Artistique on Mime
belle capture

Gérard Flayol on Mime
Yes, well done, inspired mime here !

Denny Jump on Under the Bridge
I Love this scene, Tomek!! Beautiful!!

Steve Rice on Under the Bridge
A beautiful view of the river, bridge, and tugboat. Really well done.

Marjolein on Under the Bridge
Oh yeh...boatview !!

Marjolein on Under the Bridge
Beautiful sea-. land-, bridgeview

Devi on St.George Castle
impressive image here !

Devi on Under the Bridge
superb capture !!!!

Existence Artistique on Under the Bridge
intéressant travail

Steve Rice on St.George Castle
It looks to be a classic castle and a beauty.

Willem on St.George Castle
Very well photographed so.

Steven on St.George Castle
Great towers that rise through the canopies of trees!! Excellent composition!

omid on St.George Castle
Amazing castle!

Nicou on St.George Castle
Quels tours de ce chateeau et ces drapeaux fantastique amitié

Martine Libouton on St.George Castle
Une belle prise!

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