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Feast of butterflies
24 April 2014

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The end or the beginning?
17 November 2013

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Unattainable ?
9 November 2013

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Wild vines
27 October 2013

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16 October 2013

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Late evening
9 October 2013

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Who needs posy ?
30 August 2012

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Long way home
22 January 2012

Recent Comments

omid on In the garden 2
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely flowers!

Steve Rice on In the garden 2
Lovely flowers.

Devi on In the garden 2
Beautiful !!! Lovely light :)

Existence Artistique on In the garden 2
c'est une intéressante recherche

Darkelf Photography on Lake I
Fine composition and beautiful colour tones. I love the warmth in this scene.

Steve Rice on Lake I
A pretty lake scene.

jpla on Lake I
Très bel endroit JP

Devi on Lake I
Beautiful ambiance !! Love this serenity :))))

Existence Artistique on Lake I

Steven on Who sit inside ?
What a beautifully-ornate carving you've captured in this seat!!

Existence Artistique on Who sit inside ?
bel effet

Steve Rice on Who sit inside ?
A beautifully carved box.

Devi on Who sit inside ?
wonderful designs and details !

Ana Lúcia on Who sit inside ?
The details are superb.

omid on Green Island
Lovely view!

Steve Rice on Green Island
A very green and lush island.

Existence Artistique on Green Island
bie n agréable

Devi on Green Island mood:)

Steve Rice on Smile in the wind

Steven on Smile in the wind
Beautiful smile captured here!! I love the wind-blown hair as well.

Devi on Smile in the wind
wow...what a lovely smell...beautifully highlighted by the flying streaks of hair :)

beach on Smile in the wind
The whisk of hair over her eyes makes this one.

Le Krop on Smile in the wind
Joli, et en plus le parallèle est amusant.

Existence Artistique on Campfire 2
intéressant résultat

Darkelf Photography on Campfire 2
Wonderful! I can smell the smoke right here.

Evelyne Dubos on Campfire 2
Beautiful capture and rendering.

Steven on Campfire 2
Beautiful color and warmth captured in the flame of this campfire!!

Steve Rice on Campfire 2
Nice shot of the flames and smoke.

Mhelene on Campfire 2
Very beautiful !

Devi on Campfire 2
Wow !!! A fabulous shot of the wood, fire and smoke !!!!! I simply love images of fire and smoke !Bravo !!!!

Existence Artistique on Baby 6
belle composition

omid on Baby 6
so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! :)

Devi on Baby 6
wow...a sweet portrait !!!

Steve Rice on Baby 6
Very cute portrait!

Existence Artistique on Baby 5
belle complicité

Steve Rice on Baby 5
Neat portrait!

Devi on Baby 5
Aw!! What a lovely cherished moment !!!! Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful smile !

Shaun on Baby 5
What a wonderful smile. Excellent image.

Hiro on Baby 5
So precious smile !

Existence Artistique on Baby 3
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on Baby 3
A handsome blue-eyed fellow. Excellent portrait.

Hiro on Baby 3
very nice portrait

Mireille T. on Baby 1
A beautiful expressive child! What a wonderful family you have!

Mireille T. on Baby 2
Really cute and lovely!

Mireille T. on Baby 4
I believe he is thinking of the next things to do! Very pensive and beautiful face!

Mireille T. on Baby 3
He looks so clever and kind! Great portrait!

Shaun on Baby 3
This is a magnificent portrait of this child. I love his expression, a kind of cheeky smile. 5*

Devi on Baby 3
Sweet kid ! Love those eyes:)))

Steven on Baby 4
An interesting expression captured here!! I think he just heard you call him "baby". :-)

Steve Rice on Baby 4
An excellent portrait of this fellow planning his next adventure.

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