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Feast of butterflies
24 April 2014

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The end or the beginning?
17 November 2013

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Unattainable ?
9 November 2013

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Wild vines
27 October 2013

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16 October 2013

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Late evening
9 October 2013

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Who needs posy ?
30 August 2012

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Long way home
22 January 2012

Recent Comments

Vaido on White like to pose
The white one has a good reason for posing :)

Existence Artistique on White like to pose
génial ce troupeau

Anne on White like to pose

By Marie on White like to pose
Amusing, happy ST to you Tomek

Steve Rice on Flamings family
These birds are very beautiful.

Ralf Kesper on Flamings family
Cool birds!

Vaido on Flamings family
So beautiful birds.

Marjolein on Flamings family special to see Is this in Poland ?

Existence Artistique on Flamings family

By Marie on Flamings family
Superb with reflections of flamingos

Steve Rice on Cormorants tree
Yes, they own that tree! Lovely photo.

Existence Artistique on Cormorants tree
bel arbre pleureur

Ralf Kesper on Cormorants tree
Not good for this tree, but a funny look.

Steve Rice on Two Tower
A beautiful postcard. Love it.

Existence Artistique on Two Tower

Nicou on Two Tower
Quelle église qui ressort et cette végétation fantastique Belle soirée

Ralf Kesper on Two Tower
Lovely rural place.

Martine Girard on Two Tower
Jolie vue sur cette église.

By Marie on Two Tower
Beautiful framing and place. Nice photo

B. Thomas on Bath
Looks like a nice place to swim.

Steve Rice on Bath
The water must still be warm.

Ralf Kesper on Bath
I think, I need some holidays.

Nicou on Bath
le plan brune blanc vert et bleu superbe Belle soirée

Existence Artistique on Bath

Marjolein on Bath
What a beautiful and different colors in a piece of the sea !

Martine Girard on Bath
Ici, c'est fini jusqu'à l'année prochaine.

Steve Rice on Restaurant Inside
A pretty interior. It's kind of unusual.

Devi on Restaurant Inside
Beautiful place to have a bite...

Existence Artistique on Restaurant Inside

Nicou on Restaurant Inside
Superbe café et place très bel endroit et image Belle soirée

Le Krop on Restaurant Inside
J'aime beaucoup cette façon de traiter les photos, ces gris qui donnent une âme tout à fait ...

Ana Lúcia on Restaurant Inside
I like the drama of the B&W.

Ralf Kesper on Restaurant Inside
Comfortable place for a coffee break.

By Marie on Restaurant Inside
Lovely place to take a drink

Existence Artistique on Restaurant Entrance
bien cette perspective

Steve Rice on Restaurant Entrance
Lots of neat stuff in this entrance.

Ralf Kesper on Restaurant Entrance
Fine in b/w.

Libouton Martine on Restaurant Entrance
J'aime beaucoup ta photo! Le noir et blanc lui va à ravir !

Marjolein on Restaurant Entrance
Very good in bl-whote, because you still see and feel the atmosphere and details well

Ronnie 2¢ on Restaurant Entrance
Places like that are made for the camera . .

Le Krop on Restaurant Entrance
Une belle image servant une belle atmosphère : j'aime beaucoup. Piękny wizerunek serwujący piękną ...

Steve Rice on Marabou resentful
I think he harbors some very dark thoughts. ;-)

Nadine on Marabou resentful
le crane un peu pelé...mais il a quand même belle allure

Existence Artistique on Marabou resentful
bien ce bec

Vaido on Marabou resentful
What a beast :)

By Marie on Marabou resentful
Happy St ! a good choice in bw process

Steve Rice on When it gets dark
A nice evening mood here.

Existence Artistique on When it gets dark
bel effet

Marjolein on When it gets dark
Wonderful ...the light-windows welcome you

Ralf Kesper on When it gets dark
Spooky look!

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