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Feast of butterflies
24 April 2014

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The end or the beginning?
17 November 2013

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Unattainable ?
9 November 2013

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Wild vines
27 October 2013

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16 October 2013

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Late evening
9 October 2013

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Who needs posy ?
30 August 2012

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Long way home
22 January 2012

Recent Comments

Ralf Kesper on Mosaic 3
Pretty autum konvolut.

By Marie on Mosaic 3
I like a lot of colour mixing between summer and autumn

Steve Rice on Mosaic 2
A cool composition with the patterns in this leafy abstract.

yoshimiparis on Mosaic 2
abstract art, pretty canvas

Marjolein on Mosaic 2
Very good abstract

Existence Artistique on Mosaic 2
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on Mosaic 2
Nice mosaik indeed.

By Marie on Mosaic 2
As a painting...

Steve Rice on Mosaic

Ralf Kesper on Mosaic
Nice patterns in this little leaf convolut.

Vaido on Mosaic
Beautiful fall pattern.

Nicou on Mosaic
Un tapis d'orient de feuilles de saule sur fond vert excellent Belle soirée

Existence Artistique on Mosaic
bien vu

Gérard Flayol on Mosaic
Excellent mix !

Martine Girard on Mosaic
Joli mélange de couleurs.

By Marie on Mosaic
Lovely colors, I like this melting pot

B. Thomas on Monday Walk
Gorgeous view of this path.

Steve Rice on Monday Walk
A beautiful walk through the manicured forest.

Nicou on Monday Walk
Le petit chemin à droit ce graphisme de troncs fantastique Belle soirée

Existence Artistique on Monday Walk

Marjolein on Monday Walk
It is autumn and also so fresh

By Marie on Monday Walk
How lucky to still have this beautiful green grass when the trees have lost all their leaves

Steve Rice on Around the Trunk
Excellent colors of autumn.

Steve Rice on In the Back
Beautiful roses captured perfectly.

Harry on Around the Trunk
nice color

Ralf Kesper on Around the Trunk
I like this autumnal details.

Devi on Around the Trunk
wow... fabulous colours and and faded...around that trunk!!

Gérard Flayol on Around the Trunk
Superb with these colors !

Existence Artistique on Around the Trunk
bien vu la feuille

By Marie on Around the Trunk
Beautiful details and colors. Nicely captured!

omid on In the Back
L O V E L Y !!!!

Marjolein on In the Back
Very good the red rose in the back.

yoshimiparis on In the Back
Absolutely wonderful

Existence Artistique on In the Back

By Marie on In the Back

Steve Rice on Fence
A fence of gold. Lovely.

Existence Artistique on Fence

Ralf Kesper on Fence
Nice sujet and colors. Well taken.

Ronnie 2¢ on Fence
Well-presented . . love those layers of color !

By Marie on Fence
A beautiful natural and colored fence. I like it!

Steve Rice on Magical night
A beautiful display!

Vaido on Magical night
Well handled light.

Existence Artistique on Magical night
belle lumière

Ralf Kesper on Magical night
Nice idea!

By Marie on Magical night
Excellent! nice realizatiion

Steve Rice on Lost pond
Beautiful but lost for sure.

Nadine on Lost pond
trés belles couleurs qui attirent l'oeil

Marjolein on Lost pond
Great green tints together

Existence Artistique on Lost pond

Existence Artistique on Small orange balls.
bien vu

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